Analytics Consulting FX Solutions seeks to provide the most efficient and cost-effective currency solutions for investors.

AC FX Solutions is able to leverage its collective institutional scale for superior pricing power and downstream operational efficiencies across all investors regardless of transaction size.

We are here to assist you with all your international transfer needs with these quick and easy steps.

  • Preferential FX rates by leveraging our institutional scale
  • Reduced bank transactional fees
  • Top market-related interest rates with full liquidity
  • Full transparency on fees and charges
  • Access to investment expertise on currency dynamics 
  • Application of prevailing exchange control rulings on all offshore transactions
  • Understanding investor needs in a volatile currency environment

Every investment decision is accompanied by a currency decision, by default. As such, Analytics Consulting 1 has recognised that currency solutions are a critical element in the investment process and has leveraged its institutional scale to provide Foreign Exchange (FX) Solutions for investors.

Our aim is to lower the cost associated with offshore investing as well as reduce the complexity and uncertainty that is typically experienced with international banking transfers.

We partner with Authorised Dealers that are authorised by the Financial Surveillance Department of the South African Reserve Bank, to execute FX transactions in terms of foreign exchange regulations.

Analytics Consulting FX Solutions is a division of Analytics Consulting 1. Analytics Consulting 1 is an investment consulting and product development business that provides investment services and bespoke product solutions to the top independent financial advisory businesses in South Africa.

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For further information contact Alison Barker:
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